Full Service Property Maintenance & Septic Services

Payment Methods

by Check & Mail It (Preferred)

At Granite Ridge Property Maintenance, our preferred payment method will always be payments by check. This is one of the ways we continue to keep costs down for all our customers. You will find our mailing address on each invoice to mail in payments.

However we have also found that some customers want to pay online. For those customers only we provide this form to use.

Electronic Payments:

In order to continue to keep our costs down for all customers. We ask only customers that want to pay online, with instant processing, to pay the added fees required. Only continue if you agree.

The form below will automatically generate the required electronic handling fees that are needed in order to process payments online. By using the form below you acknowledge that it is fair to only add these fees to your invoice. To save you money, please consider mailing your payments instead.